Last big construction phase is finished

Treetop path “Heaven and Heath”:
Last big construction phase is finished

Observation tower has received its roof – one more month to the opening

In one month, on Friday, September 27, the treetop path “Heide Himmel” at the Wildpark Lüneburger Heide in Hanstedt Nindorf will open its doors to visitors for the first time. Until then, the employees of the contractors have to do some fine work, but the heart of the plant – the 700-meter long path through the treetops and the 40-meter high lookout tower, which looks like a lighthouse over the Lüneburg Heath – are finished. The tower has now received its last missing part of its roof, which covers the 150 square meter observation deck at a lofty height.
Norbert and Alexander Tietz, managing directors of Weitblick Tietz GmbH & Co. KG, are absolutely thrilled with the progress of the construction work and the performance of the contractors: “I have the feeling that we have the best craftsmen here on the Baumwipfelpfad construction site. It’s a pleasure to watch them at work and see how this big project is growing day by day and taking shape, “says Norbert Tietz. “With the completion of the tower, which forms the center of the treetop path, we have made the last major phase of construction. It is simply an uplifting feeling to stand up there and enjoy the gigantic view over the heath, “adds Alexander Tietz.
The lookout tower marks the end of the treetop trail, which meanders past the enclosures of wolves, tigers and snow leopards through part of the wildlife park. Visitors can reach the middle station of the tower via the path and from there they can either ride up the lift or take the lift up the stairs via a staircase. On the way to the top, visitors can enjoy some interesting views and insights in all directions through recesses in the tower cladding, before they then find the impressive nature of the Lüneburg Heath at their feet. Once at the top, some frames will direct visitors’ attention to specific objects, such as Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie or Wilseder Berg.
In the remaining weeks until the opening, it is now time to work through the remaining details. The restaurant with planned 80 seats and another 120 seats on the terrace will now be equipped and equipped, automated doors and the cash register system must be installed and paving and gardening work to be carried out. Norbert Tietz is confident: “I am sure that we will make a good final sprint with our great team and will accomplish everything we have planned to do until the opening.”

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